Lanny Stout

Founding Partner

Lanny has over 45 years of experience in the financial industry and four different FINRA securities and insurance licenses. He began with Stout, Kappel, and Kisinger CPA’s: Tax and Accounting Practice in 1973. He later worked in Integrated Resources, Kavanaugh Securities, Perking Group and Sentra Securities as a financial advisor from 1988-2003. From 1987-present he has served as a partner of Stout Payne Waner.

Lanny thoroughly enjoys the long term relationships he has built up with his clients and being given the ability to interact with admirable partners and staff, each of whom have their own high quality skill sets.

In his free time Lanny enjoys landscaping and gardening, and as a general hobby he enjoys fixing anything and everything, which he says was inherited from his dad.