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Matson Waner is a seasoned, reputable, full service wealth management firm. We have over 90 years of collective experience from the partners, and over 30 years of collective experience from the staff. We know how to help clients identify their life and financial goals, implement strategies to achieve them, and monitor assets along the way. Our goal is to give our clients financial peace of mind so they can achieve their life goals.

Financial Planning

The first step is defining your life goals and passions, such as family, community, pastimes, faith, and future plans. We will discuss your accomplishments, feelings and experiences with money. Together we will figure out where you are now and where you want to end up.

Your personal financial plan should be about you and your goals.

Knowing your goals provides the framework necessary to build a personalized, holistic, financial plan. A holistic plan may include asset management, tax planning, legacy planning, and ongoing oversight of your financial situation as it relates to your goals. Once implemented, we will help you maintain a disciplined investment strategy using investment vehicles specifically designed to keep you on track towards meeting your goals.

Investment Management​

The most prudent way to build a client portfolio is to select investments that match your goals, risk tolerance, and time horizons in the most efficient manner possible. In doing so, we incorporate the principles of Modern Portfolio Theory, which is blending low-correlating asset together to reduce volatility and maximize the expected rate of return.

Wealth Management

There are many variations and considerations in choosing the appropriate retirement plan for you or your small business. Together we can develop, implement, and operate a retirement plan that suits your business needs, provide tax savings, and help attract and retain key employees.

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